• Gypsy Days Crew

Eagles, Whales, and Bears Oh My!

Spending our summer on the 12th largest island in the U.S. with a population of about 13,500 coupled with the fact that pretty much any place outside of town was part of the United States' largest National Forest meant that there was a ton of wild places to enjoy, and with that, comes a lot of wildlife!

Throughout our summer we were lucky to see almost every major type of animal that calls the island home, including: eagles, humpback whales, black bears, herons, ravens, seals, sea lions, deer, mountain goats, octopus, porpoises, and all manner of coastal sea life. The only big ones we did not see throughout our summer were wolves and orcas.

Note: other large animals like moose, caribou, and brown bears (including grizzlies) that are common to Alaska do not inhabit Revillagigedo Island.

I've put together a little photo essay with some of my best shots of some of the amazing animals we saw this summer. Scroll through and comment below, which photo is your favorite? Which of these have you seen in the wild?