• Gypsy Days Crew

Island Summary 2: The Abacos

Here are the stats for our time spent in The Abacos:

Total Days: 31 (Dec 31, 2018-Jan 30, 2019)

Total Anchorages: 10

Total Marina Stays: 3 (2 moorings, 1 marina)

Total Number of Islands Visited: 11

Total Nautical Miles Covered: 238.76

Total Nautical Miles Covered So Far: 1929.74


  • seeing the 'real' Bahamas (white sand beaches, beautiful clear water, palm trees)

  • meeting friendly Bahamians wherever we went

  • making so many great cruiser friends

  • catching (and climbing for) our own food

  • showing our lifestyle to some of our family

  • getting amazing drone shots of us under sail

  • Manjack Cay

  • exploring Bahamian towns

  • fresh, warm coconut bread

  • My Island Wifi

  • some amazing sailing days


  • struggling to find signal to check the weather and work remotely

  • having to wait out weather, a lot

  • injuries

  • no see ums

  • higher prices for most goods


  • having family cruising with us for a week

  • cruising with four people and a dog on board a 30 foot boat

  • snorkelling

  • spear fishing

  • catching a fish

  • catching and cleaning conch

  • conch horns at sunset

  • eating many types of fish (grouper, snapper, etc)

  • kayaking in the Mangroves

  • having to walk the kayak due to low tide issues

  • sharks and eagle rays under the boat

  • being really trapped by weather more often than not

  • eating fresh coconut

  • barter (labor for a weight belt)

  • buddy boat

Lessons Learned:

  • when you catch something while spearfishing, bring it straight out of the water and get it back to the dinghy

  • if you throw fish guts overboard, the sharks will come

  • 4 people and a dog on a 30 foot boat for a week is a tad much

  • a 30 foot boat will feel SO much bigger after two extra people have gone home

  • it's super special to share our lifestyle with our family

  • we need a drone

  • cleaning conch is a very long and difficult process, but the meat is delicious

  • Bahamians are super chill and very friendly

  • Bahamian towns are painted in beautiful bright colors

  • fresh coconut bread is the best breakfast there is

  • buy My Island Wifi as soon as you arrive to save the headaches

  • we don't have the patience to keep a sourdough starter alive

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