• Gypsy Days Crew

Nassau to Alaska in Three Weeks

It has been forever since I've posted on here, or even looked at this website! In the preceding six or seven months, so much has changed. We went from living aboard Gypsy Days and exploring The Bahamas to buying an RV, driving up to Alaska, and living out of it for the summer. Following that we drove it all the way down to L.A. and have now rented a place in Portland, Oregon. But more about all that other stuff later. I want to tell you the tale of April 2019.

If you had asked us in April what our plans were, we would have given you a different answer depending on the week. The first week of April we were going to sail to the Rio Dulce in Guatemala via Mexico (and maybe Cuba). The second week of April we were going to spend hurricane season in Luperon in the Dominican Republic. By the third week of April we realized our bank account balance was woefully small and we had decided to find jobs for the summer and then return to the boat flush and ready to continue cruising.

That decision stuck so with our intentions made, it was a mad rush to figure out the actual details of our latest hair-brained idea. That meant finding a place to put the boat up for hurricane season that would be safe, easy enough to get to, and affordable. It also meant finding a seasonal job. In actuality, it all came together quickly (within a week) and as we sat in Nassau, we had a job in Alaska, a reservation for a haul-out in Florida, a plan to buy a vehicle to live out of for the summer, and 3 weeks to make it to Ketchikan.

We hopped from Nassau to the Berries, the Berries to Bimini, and Bimini to West Palm and following those four days, all of a sudden four months in The Bahamas was over.

We didn't really have the time to reflect on what that meant because from there it took another four days to make it up to Jacksonville and then back down to San Mateo (poor offshore conditions meant we had to slog it on the ICW). One day to prepare the boat and the next day she was hauled out and being packed up and left behind for the summer.

After a couple of days to decompress with a friend near Orlando, it was time to head west. We spent a week at my dad's house near Vancouver and a few days after arriving, we were the ecstatic new owners of a 1977 Coachmen Leprechaun RV. With a sliver of hope that she'd make it to our destination, we began the 1400km drive up to Prince Rupert a couple of days later. If you can't sense the theme here, I like to call it 'flying by the seat of your pants' or 'hoping for the best'.

Just like that, a month after our decision to refill the bank account and almost three weeks to the day we left Nassau, we had travelled 4100 miles/6598 km by sailboat, plane, RV, and ferry and we were in Ketchikan, Alaska with considerable less money than before (weren't we supposed to be saving?) but with a summer of possibility on the horizon.