• Gypsy Days Crew

State Summary 4: New Jersey

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Here are the stats for our time spent in New Jersey:

Total Days: 10 (Sept 20-Sept 29, 2018)

Total Anchorages: 2

Total Marina Stays: 1

Total Nautical Miles Covered: 182.47

Total Nautical Miles Covered So Far: 479.04


  • completing our first overnight passage

  • seeing a right whale

  • our favourite sunset of the trip

  • spending time with friends we had just met at the last stop


  • having the engine die in the inlet to Atlantic City

  • having to be towed by Tow Boat US

  • having to stay at a ridiculously expensive marina in AC

  • having to call a ridiculously expensive mechanic in AC

  • getting yelled at by the Coast Guard for landing on their beach


  • whale sighting

  • overnight passage

  • night sail

  • sail with the engine turned completely off

  • entering an inlet

  • having to call Tow Boat US

  • calling a mechanic

  • meeting other cruisers and exchanging boat cards

  • being invited aboard by other cruisers for a get together

Lessons Learned:

  • other cruisers have a wealth of knowledge to offer

  • if Tow Boat US doesn't respond to your hails, the Coast Guard will step in and connect you

  • we are pretty good under pressure

  • sailing in the rain is unpleasant

  • even if there isn't an explicit sign, beaches near a Coast Guard station are off limits

  • if you get your fuel tank cleaned, make sure you also clean the fuel pick-up

  • Atlantic City is pretty skeezy

  • if the wind dies on you in the middle of your overnight passage, you won't get very far very fast

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