• Gypsy Days Crew

State Summary 11: Florida

Here are the stats for our time spent in Florida:

Total Days: 15 (Dec 16-Dec 30, 2018)

Total Anchorages: 6

Total Marina Stays: 1 (mooring)

Total Nautical Miles Covered: 310.21

Total Nautical Miles Covered So Far: 1684.49


  • finally making it to West Palm

  • getting awesome deals at Sailorman

  • seeing a SpaceX launch

  • seeing manatees

  • spending Christmas aboard with an old friend

  • leaving the US!

  • completing our longest (and most uneventful) overnight sail

  • finally being able to shed layers

  • getting a new outboard and a kayak

  • running into friends randomly along the ICW


  • spending so much money getting the rest of our necessities for the crossing

  • so many bridges

  • inconsiderate boaters


  • seeing a rocket launch

  • leaving the US with Gypsy Days

  • renting a car to do errands

  • spending Christmas on the boat

  • going through 7 bridges in one day

  • getting a (couple) 3D printed gifts (Thanks Mr. Musgrave!)

  • making a screen door

  • hanging out at a beach biker bar and dancing with Santa

  • seeing a hydrofoil

  • turquoise water

Lessons Learned:

  • for Christmas, everyone in Florida goes boating

  • the water is only really turquoise near an inlet

  • the wind does sometimes actually follow the forecast!

  • Aaron makes a killer Christmas dinner with only two burners and no oven

  • Sailorman has everything

  • manatees are pretty chill

  • it feels pretty amazing to be leaving the US

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