• Gypsy Days Crew

State Summary 8: North Carolina

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Here are the stats for our time spent in North Carolina:

Total Days: 36 (Oct 29-Dec 3, 2018)

Total Anchorages: 8

Total Marina Stays: 2

Total Nautical Miles Covered: 329.12

Total Nautical Miles Covered So Far: 1022.51


  • free crab

  • networking and meeting new friends

  • gifts from friends

  • staying at friendly marinas with competent mechanics

  • getting a new transmission

  • being able to leave Beaufort

  • seeing wild horses

  • passing another boat


  • being stuck in Beaufort forever

  • thunderstorms that prompted tornado warnings

  • debris in the water

  • inconsiderate power boaters

  • worrying about alligators

  • needing a new transmission

  • resting on the ground at anchor


  • getting free seafood fresh from the fishermen

  • being overrun with mosquitoes

  • meeting Instagram followers in real life

  • going on to a catamaran

  • trying to tow another boat

  • resting on the ground at anchor

  • passing another boat

Lessons Learned:

  • Be nice to fishermen picking up their crab pots

  • Be nice to people around you because they may become great friends and will definitely have great advice

  • Even though it will be expensive (both time and money), it's always better to catch issues early and deal with them right away

  • No matter how frustrated you get, you have to keep your heads up

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