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State Summary 7: Virginia

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Here are the stats for our time spent in Virginia:

Total Days: 5 (Oct 3-Oct 4 -interim reprieve on land- Oct 27-Oct 29, 2018)

Total Anchorages: 3

Total Marina Stays: 1 (a backyard slip, not a marina)

Total Nautical Miles Covered: 117.23

Total Nautical Miles Covered So Far: 693.39


  • having friends join us on their boat and take photos and videos of us travelling (thanks Carly and Pat!)

  • having crew (hi Zach!)

  • having friends aboard for our day back on the boat (hi guys!)

  • successfully navigating the lock

  • Dismal Swamp

  • gorgeous and hot weather in early October


  • running aground (twice)

  • having to delay our departure due to weather

  • having our engine overheat from blockage of the raw water intake system


  • having to hail a lift bridge

  • going through a lock

  • running aground

  • having crew

  • having to turn 180 degrees in a super tight channel

  • using the new grill

  • swim (for Tanya)

  • seeing a navy warship underway

  • being towed by another boat (other than Tow Boat US)

  • diving on our boat (thanks Zach!)

Lessons Learned:

  • do not keep your engine running while in a lock

  • go very slowly when the correct channel is not completely evident

  • it is possible to be towed faster than you can actually go on your own

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