• Gypsy Days Crew

Sucked In To Georgetown

Georgetown is very well-known among cruisers who come to The Bahamas and as such, has many nicknames: Chicken Harbour. Adult Daycare. Cruiser's Mecca. We ended up spending three weeks there and we can certainly see the truth in each of the monikers.

We originally raced down to Georgetown to see our friends aboard Island Girl as they were planning on heading back north soon. When we arrived, they had actually decided to fly home rather than sail, so we had much more time with them than we thought which was a nice surprise. DJ and Tenika had already been there for a couple of months (and visited often previously) so they quickly gave us the lay of the land.

The three weeks went by in a flash and I put that down to the following:

1. It's so easy. We never had to move to find protection from any weather and we could get anything we needed in town (free water, fuel, good groceries, etc - the only thing we couldn't get was propane).

2. There are endless activities. Most days we headed to Chat N Chill to play beach volleyball at 2:00pm. Two nights a week there was poker night. There was daily water aerobics. There were countless beach fires and sundowners. There were cruiser-run workshops on everything from diagnosing electrical issues to emergency medical care.

3. It's social. We met so many amazing people and just enjoyed hanging out with people day in and day out - meeting new faces and spending time with old friends.

4. It's beautiful. There are tons of beaches, great hikes, and wildlife in and around the anchorages.

5. Once you settle in a place, it's hard to get your butt moving again! It just seems like so much work!

We didn't do all of the 'touristy' things there and didn't even really explore that much. We just relaxed, we thought of it as kind of a 'vacation within a vacation'. That means we also didn't take that many photos or videos (not as many as normal, anyway!). Here are some of the things we documented from our time in Georgetown: