Who The Heck Are We?

The Crew


Aaron is American Filipino and his childhood years were spent around the globe, moving to a different country every two or three years as part of his father's job. He attended high school in Mexico City and had his first real base in the U.S. when he attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Aaron is hilarious, kind, exceptionally charming, and a large personality. He loves to be the center of attention and his teaching career thrived in that facet. His welcoming demeanor creates friends wherever he goes. 

He is extremely driven and is able to use that drive to accomplish great things. His excitement is infectious so it is hard to say no to whatever crazy scheme he comes up with.

Aaron's biggest passion other than travel is Brazilian jiu jitsu. He is a purple belt under Carlos Neto at 617 Fight Sports and while ashore, regularly trains 4-5 days a week. He is so passionate about the sport, in fact, that in addition to spearheading the Gypsy Days videos, he also runs an Instagram account called Jiu Jitsu Afloat which documents him and Tanya training at various gyms as they head south towards the Bahamas.

As for sailing experience, Aaron entered the liveaboard life with a few hours of sailing small keel boats on the Charles River. Luckily, his passion and drive, as previously mentioned, has propelled his knowledge forward exponentially.

The aspect of cruising life that Aaron is most excited about is: getting in touch with himself without all the stress and havoc of the daily grind.


Tanya is Canadian and was raised in a small town just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Throughout her childhood, she always adored the outdoors and spent each summer aboard her father's commercial fishing boat, traversing the West Coast as they fished for salmon.

Tanya is smart, loyal, kind, and organized. She is much more introverted than Aaron so she relishes in the fact that he takes most of the attention. She is much more comfortable with a small group of great friends than in a large crowd.

Her attention to detail and drive to find order in chaos has allowed her to find great success at whatever she puts her mind to. Others often rely on her for help or advice which she is always quick to give.

Though Tanya also trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is a blue belt, her true passion is in travel and photography. She has made it a major goal in her life to always be exploring new places and learning from those experiences. She uses photography as a way to capture a moment, a feeling, or a memory and it is her images that grace this website.

As for sailing experience, Tanya had absolutely zero! She had obviously spent a lot of time on boats as a child but always as a deckhand, never as a captain. She quickly learned as well that sailboats and powerboats are two different beasts! Luckily, she is a fast learner and her analytical mind has helped her make sense of her new environment quickly.

The aspect of cruising life that Tanya is most excited about is: the unknown of exploration and the people and stories that they will meet along the way.

S/V Gypsy Days

S/V Gypsy Days


Coffee, also known as Coffee Dog and Dog Bro, is Chinese by birth. Aaron got Coffee when he was just a puppy, shortly after moving to China and this pup has been with him ever since! Coffee has travelled from the north to the south of China, across the Pacific to Canada where he lived on both coasts, and is now a boat dog out of Boston.

Coffee is playful, cuddly, shy, and adorable. Because he is a rescue dog, it takes him a while to warm up to other people. He can be a bit skittish but as long as Tanya or Aaron are around, he will calm down quickly.

His true passion in life is to play fetch, especially with balls. He isn't too upset if there is not a ball, though, because he will find you a stick, a pine cone, a piece of cloth, or a rock so you can be sure to throw something for him. Coffee also loves to swim (especially after sticks).

Coffee, like Tanya, had zero sailing experience. He had been on a boat a few times in his life but living and sailing on a boat was a completely new experience. Luckily, he finds it all pretty calming since Aaron and Tanya don't seem to find it all that alarming, so he tends to just snooze on deck while underway, or in the V-berth when docked.

The aspect of cruising life that Coffee is most excited about is: being able to swim everyday, smell all kinds of smells, and find lots of things to fetch.