How'd We End Up Here?

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S/V Gypsy Days

S/V Gypsy Days

We met each other while we were both teaching English in Shenyang, China in 2011. At the end of that year, we moved together (with Coffee dog) to Shenzhen, China where we worked for another two years. Throughout that time, we travelled throughout Asia together, taking advantage of cheap flights and our proximity to so many other countries.


In 2013, Tanya left to do a six month internship in Uganda and then Aaron joined her back in her hometown in Canada in April 2014. At that point, we were considering trying for residency for Aaron in Canada but thought it sounded too daunting, so instead we applied for working holiday visas to Australia and set off across the world again that September (this time Coffee stayed behind with Tanya's dad). Two days after landing in Sydney, we were the proud owners of a used campervan which we spent the next year living and travelling in.

The year of living in the van challenged us in all the great ways we hoped and we were hooked on living small and mobile. Unfortunately, our visas came to an end and we ended up moving to Newfoundland, Canada. Aaron shortly afterwards found a job in Boston, USA and the long-distance began. 

Tanya stayed in Newfoundland, until June 2016 and was able to visit Aaron frequently. That summer, we got married in Vancouver, overlooking the water with our closest friends and family. The long-distance continued while we applied for Tanya's green card and it was finally approved in January 2017. Tanya and Coffee immediately moved to Boston and we were able to plan once again for the future.

When we first reunited in Boston, we talked frequently about wanting to get back in to the same type of lifestyle we had in Australia, but planned on upgrading to a converted school bus. The more we discussed, however, the more we realized how impractical it would be in Boston. Determined to achieve a smaller footprint and have the freedom to move at will, we researched what else we could do. It was then that Aaron stumbled upon the liveaboard community that ultimately helped us to make the decision to move on to a boat.

At first it sounded crazy. We wanted to buy a sailboat without knowing how to sail it, let alone captain it. We would have to learn everything from scratch. Luckily we are always up for a challenge and less than a month after we started looking, we found Gypsy Days in Rhode Island in June 2017.

We had her trailered from the owner's backyard to Quincy, MA in July for a summer of hard work, getting her outfitted for living aboard in a Boston winter. We commuted every weekend and learned how to install lights, how to put up lifeline netting, how to apply decals, and countless other projects before we launched her in November 2017. Launch day was the very first time we saw her in the water and she floated! We hired a captain and the three of us (and Coffee) sailed her from Quincy to Constitution Marina in Charlestown, MA which we had chosen as our winter home.

Over the winter Gypsy Days endured countless storms with grace, keeping us warm and dry while we delayed our other boat projects. Come spring, we did some major projects, most notably replacing our steering pedestal, and tucked in for a summer of learning how to captain and sail our floating home.

That brings us to where we are now: sailing our way from Boston to the Bahamas and beyond. We hope you enjoy following along!